Century: Boning Knife

Century: Boning Knife
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Century Knives

  1. Blade made of Krup steel from Germany precision and a smooth cut,  tempered  by  sub- zero process and stress reliving which guarantees edge.
  2. Reinforced polycarbonate handle with fiberglass, has good resistance to impacts.
  3. Certified by NSF, National Sanitation Foudation, internationally recognized organization by the practices of consultancy, inspection and training, aimed at ensuring the health of food, water, air and environment.​
  4. The  V-sharped  edge  ensures  a  precise  cut  and  excellent performance, even after being sharpened many times.​
  5. Dishwasher proof.
  6. Long lasting shine.
Manufacturer Tramontina
Material Stainless Steel Blade, Polycarbonate handle
Benefits Certified by NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, an international organization, recognised by food safety monitoring and hygienic practices in food companies and restaurants. The V-sharped edge ensures a precise cut and excellent performance, even after being sharpened many times.
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