Lyon: Grill Pan

Lyon: Grill Pan
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Lyon Cookware

Lyon pots work like an oven. You can prepare anything in them right on your stovetop. With their thick walls and lid, and perfect sealing system, Lyon   pots maintain a constant internal temperature,  thereby cooking  food that  could be cooked in the oven. With our Lyon pots, every recipe is a success! You can prepare  bread, meats, cakes, pizza and other incredible tasty recipes. All this in less time and in a more healthy and practical way.

Manufacturer Tramontina
Material Stainless Steel and Starflon Ceramics
Benefits Practical - Even heat distribution reduces cooking time, saves energy and reduces the stages of preparation. Many recipes that normally require pre-cooking can be prepared directly in the Lyon pot. Healthier - You can cook your dishes without using any oil or shortening. More Flavour - Lyon pots retain moisture during cooking. Pasta dishes come out just right, meats are tender and cakes are soft and moist. Lyon pots feature nodules on the inside of the lid that distribute the steam evenly, so the food cooks in its own juices, which enhances the flavour. Quicker & More Economical - Due to the thicker walls and lid, cooking time is reduced. This saves gas and electricity. Better Quality & Technology - Made of forged aluminum with stainless steel handles, Lyon pots can be used on all types of stove tops, including induction stoves. Interior – Coated with Starflon Ceramic (High Performance), a state of the art non-stick coating. Its four-ply bottom is reinforced with ceramic particles, making the pots more durable, non-stick and resistant to corrosion. Exterior – Coated in silicon or Starflon Ceramic (High Performance) non-stick material
L x H x W 28 cm
Capacity 3.4 Lt
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